The Action Hour

Freedom Fighters

February 07, 2022 Jesse Simpson Season 3 Episode 3
The Action Hour
Freedom Fighters
Show Notes

This is a message to all the Freedom Fighters.

We're either working together or falling apart.
We're either fighting for freedom or running from fear.

We are either standing together, committed, and strong, by the love that unites us all...

Or we are continuing to perpetuate a problem of fear and control put on us by the people who want us to fall.

I believe the key to success for all the Freedom Fighters out there is for all of our forward action to come from a place of Love.

From a place of Love, we embody our authentic power to create the change we desire to for our lives.

Without it, we open the door for more restriction and further increase the divide.Fear can not win, when you've got Love on your side.

You came here for a reason.

Your soul chose this time, this place, for a definite purpose.

It's up to you to decide what that means for you.

I hope that means you will stand for what you believe is right and true.

If you are Freedom Fighter, the world is waiting for you to follow through.


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