The Action Hour

Interview with Walter Masaracchio - Psychedelic Microdosing Coach and Social Media Expert

July 07, 2021 Season 2 Episode 12
The Action Hour
Interview with Walter Masaracchio - Psychedelic Microdosing Coach and Social Media Expert
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Walter Masaracchio is Psychedelic Microdosing Coach and Social Media Expert that helps conscious entrepreneurs bring more love, wisdom and creativity into their life.
He used to be a small dude with a big ego. After experiencing ego death he became a small dude with a big heart. ❤️

His journey has taken him around the world but he found what he was looking for inside.

Walter has so much love and wisdom to share so whether you're into psychedelics or not, there's so much to gain from this interview.

 Connect with Walter on Instagram @guidedbywalter and on his website.

You can't go wrong with Walter as your guide.

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Welcome to the action hour. My name is Jesse Simpson and I believe there's never been a better time in the history of the world to be alive. I'm on a mission to bring you the insights, ideas and inspiration. You need to uncover your greatness and take action on your dreams. If you want to start a business, write a book, take a big trip, or level up to a higher state of living in the world. mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially. The stories found in the show will provide the action steps and energy you need to succeed. No matter what you are going through, or where you've been. You can at any time, break that cycle and transform your life. This show is going to show you how to do it. If you've got the itch to act, now is the time allow the inspiring stories within this show to serve as your guide. This is the action hour, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Welcome back to the action and gentlemen, thanks so much for tuning in. My guest today, hour. Ladies Walter Masaracchio is a psychedelic micro dosing coach that helps conscious entrepreneurs bring more love, wisdom and creativity into their life. Walter, thanks so much for coming on. I think we all need a little bit of love, wisdom and creativity in our life. So I'm so excited to get into your journey and all your gifts you're sharing with the world, thanks for coming on to the action hour. Very welcome Jesse, a pleasure to be here. So you talked about in some dialogue between you and I, you said you used to be a small dude with a big ego. You experienced an ego death and became a small dude with a big heart. So I would love to get in your journey, man as we get into sacred psychedelics and microdosing. Like, what was the Walter like, before all these things? Yeah, yeah. So every time I talk about it, like, I feel really emotional, you know, because I can't believe like, what is really possible in life and what is impossible for me, coming from a really small island that was I was I'm come from Sicily in Italy, and there is really close to mind. And there was almost no possibility to grow. And basically, what happened to me myself is that I've been always the smallest guy in school, always the smallest guy in the environment. So of course, it was really easy to be picked and being bullied, being picked and being beaten up. So I was always one of the first ones to being beaten up, and also was like, one of the first one to be targeted. So it was really difficult for me during those times. And of course, like, by the time I was 14, I do it in Rome Hodge, and everyone was going and I said, Okay, they, I'm not gonna reach that. So, the only way I can go ahead is by creating a big ego, big personality, and tend to be an asshole trying to be you know, a, a, like, you know, a strong man, you know, who doesn't give a fuck about what is going on? Bullied or there's an even though I was small, and, you know, I understood from that age, like, our, the power is still in the body, but it's like, in the mind, it's like, he's in the, in the attitude, you know, so of course, like, I was small dude, but that was, I look so big, because I knew how to talk, I knew how to let people shut up and, and things like that. And, and that was like, you know, a blast for me at the time because I said, Okay, I found my wife finally, like, I'm small, but at least I can still be the king of the situation. I still can be that way, of course. But I couldn't notice that I was actually becoming like a narcissist. I was becoming, you know, very selfish, really mean and, and really like, without violence without purpose, just you know, gaining, gaining and, and yeah, and that was about my life. And of course, like little by little I saw relationships going really bad and having lots of people around me, but really no one actually, you know, I mean, deep connections, and, and many other things, you know, so I did not like that, because I didn't have nice feedbacks, like from life. So basically what happened is that since I was 19, and till now that I'm 26 I, I've been working on myself, because that is not the way I want to live. So I've been trying everything Jesse, literally everything. I traveled the world for two years, literally, almost everywhere. I lived in Buddhist monasteries. I went in workshops, went to Joe Dispenza workshops, went to 1000s of workshops like to heal to improve myself to be a better person. Of course, I got better, but almost almost nothing really worked. Because I could always see myself with a big ego. I will always see myself seeking validation. I will always see myself not want to show up. And and I said okay, for a long do we still need to go like this, you know until one day like I had the privilege and the luck to experience in a really safe environment and with the right psychotherapists, and with the right situation, our psychedelic experience, and that was psilocybin, and it was a mere dose, it was seven plus grams. And wow, I experienced this ego death and for me till now I think, till the day I will die. that is definitely the happiest memory of my life. I will not never forget that one. And once again, I will never forget the liberation of liberating myself, from this big personality that I created, that was holding me back from loving was holding me back from opening my heart was holding me back from connecting with myself. And finally, it was release. And for me was a depression for me was that, okay? Finally was everything was clear, what was my gift, what was my purpose in life, who I was, and everything that I need to know, thank God, the person that was following me, she helped me integrate experience. So till now is still free, unlimited. I mean, I can still feel that I can still go back in that moment. And, and I became an after that literally like, that, that's how everything happened, my life completely changed, thanks to the psychedelics. And now I feel called to actually spread the voice, spread the word knowledge about that. And I found the best way, at least for me, it really worked was with micro dosing, because micro dosing could actually help me take the wisdom and all the rest of the land in these big journeys into a normal life. So when microdose is one day, and then I will go out, obviously sometimes right? And I will feel myself shaking validation, I will see myself wanting to show up, show off. And then I will say okay, what why are you doing that? Why? What are you doing? You know, and, and then like, of course, I will stop. And, and now, I'm living more from my soul, less from my ego. And honestly, everything shifted. My business is going faster, my health is getting better, my relationships are better, everything is just getting better. So there's no way I'm going to go back. And this is the message. I want everyone to know about it. Wow, man, that's wild. It's so interesting how you became, it's like you became the bully, after being bullied for so long. And then you went on this journey, this you know, this hero's journey to kind of find yourself you went to the Joe Dispenza you traveled the world You did all these things. But then it was just that one powerful, you know, heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms. You said seven grams, you know it that just changed everything it showed you who you are, your purpose puts you on this pathway. And now you're stepping up here and everything is, is falling in alignment, your business, your relationships, your health and everything else man like that's like the hero's journey by itself. You know, it's like, you're living that man. So it's such an honor to connect with you like this. I appreciate you sharing those things. That's huge. So let's let's get into this man. I mean, what's your process for? You went on this Hero's Journey now and now. And now you're like, tell us about your life now. Yeah, so man, man, I'm so different now. So I believe like life is a cycle. And now is a completely different cycle for me. And I will say COVID time has been given the best impact in my life. So I want everyone to know it. Because I must say that if I am what I am now is thanks to COVID as Believe it or not, I don't know, this is how I find myself. So I used to be like a guy who was really extrovert really, like, you know, wanting to always want to go hang out, always didn't want to be alone, always want to do something. But obviously, I wasn't progressing in business. I wasn't progressing in personal growth. And of course, I was having a curriculum of parties of DJs, of starlings, meeting people, whatever. But since now, now, my life is so different. So now I'm a super introvert man. So now I do really hang out maybe once a week with people, and I do not hang out in big groups, maximum one to two people. And, and the reason why I do that is because I understand that since since COVID time, how blessed I was to be alone, and to you know, maintain my level of energy as not to be contaminated by other ones that I felt blessed. And I think this is one of the key life, that we get so much poison from other people. I'm not saying that they're bad, but they're not right for us in that moment, but we can still you know, attract the right people. So if you feel lonely, amazing, you're losing the connection with yourself. So go and connect back. So this one is my life, like honestly working hard in my business, up to 12 hours a day. I stay lots of time in nature, and I conducted myself out and and whenever I can, I do and gouging people. When I feel I feel the best version of myself. I'm not gonna go hang out with people because I feel lonely because I'm gonna go there. with the intention of taking with intention of, you know, getting something, but that's not my intention, I want to go there and being able to give, as you know, love, wisdom and creativity all day, if I'm not gonna, I will feel not gonna be able to do that, its better if I stay home and learn why am I able to do that, and then going back on life and doing it. So that's what is my life right now to be honest with you. I love that man. And I would just think about this today, it's like, you can't fill up other people's cup from an empty cup yourself. So you're taking the time to really fill up yours, you can go bring that love, wisdom and creativity and share those gifts with other people. And I love how you've also taken what is you know, this global pandemic, or some people are the world you know, in a way will never be the same, I think in a lot of people's lives have change forever. And with things outside of our control like that, we can either let them crush us, or we can take the time we need to go inside of ourselves and figure out, you know, what the hell are we doing here? Like, why are we why are we doing the things we're doing? Is this really the life I want to live? When these freedoms can be taken from us, you know, it's really puts everything in perspective. And you after hearing that man is like clear that you've taken on that challenge to go inside of yourself to learn more about who you are to, to figure out why you're here. So you can really own that power and fulfill your purpose here on this earth man, which is really, really honorable. You know, just like you said, it's, I mean, it's easy to just take the, it's easy to just be distracted, and go out there and put on the show and just be distracted by all things, you know, whatever, even if it's like personal development, you know, but drugs and drinking and people and parties, but like really, when you sit down with yourself and you realize, like, what you're doing why you're here, you started to tap into something a lot bigger. Yeah, exactly. So talk talk to me about that, man. What's what's the what's the purpose you have coming out for you? Like what's the what's the thing that's bigger? What's what are you being pulled towards? And this is such a bless, I mean, I will, I would have wished to knew this before. And And honestly, even if you would have told me this six years ago, it will make sense for me. So now, you know, the big shift has been that you know, I thought that having a cool life was all about you know, having to travel all the world becoming a millionaire and having a beautiful womens around me and having amazing house, beautiful cars, all of these materialistic things. These what I thought was like having about having a cool life. But now is not that like anymore. Now what is like having a really pretty awesome life, for me, it's all about you know, what, what is the quality of the emotion I'm able to feel out? What kind of impact, am I giving out there are many people life and making today. Like, Oh, my boy, am I making that, am I able to connect to other people and myself. So now the purpose is mostly about you know, into a non materialistic safe. It is mostly about you know, feelings, it's most about emotions, most about giving, most about learning. And the now I just love these three things is my three keys in life is about love, wisdom and creativity. So how much can I love, how much can I create and how much can I learn? How much can I try? So these what is that, that the center of compassion of my life, not really anymore about that. And, and believe it or not, like things are coming to me the money are coming, relationships are coming, all of this abundance is coming, but I don't feel attached to that any longer. It seems like you know that first part of your life, you were looking for things outside of you to fill you up. And now that you and you were always you weren't always empty on the inside, you know, but now that you've turned in inward, and you're starting to regulate, you know, like you said, the quality of your emotion and focus on giving and learning and, and all these sort of things on the inside. Now all the things on the outside are coming your way. Yeah, exactly. Talk to me how I love the idea that really stood out to me about the quality of emotion. So talk to us about how you regulate your emotions or what that really looks like for you. Yeah, that's a really good question. So I want people to understand that that that, you know, it's not about being happy all the time as being positive about the time because that is toxic. That is not, this is not being honest with yourself. So being honest with the emotions, being like okay, what am I feeling now? Am I feeling sad? Am I feeling anger? Am I feeling frustrated? Am I feeling happy? Am I feeling grateful? Okay, I need to start to ask myself different questions. Now. Why am I feeling that? And most of the times he comes up with, it's the ego kicking in. I feel sad because I've been rejected. I feel frustrated because I didn't get the validation. I feel you know, depressed, because I'm not I am, I'm not doing the career that I want. So I asked myself why. And suddenly, once I realize that is not really about me, it's about my ego that is like, holding my old me back, I immediately release it immediately. So already I come back in a natural state, and, and start to work on it. And of course, when the beautiful emotions come up joy, great, great, great gratitude, or, you know, law, if I asked why, why am I feeling that. So that's a clear feedback in life telling you what you love, and what you need to work on. And, and then just and just keep going with that. But as a general rule that I say is, if you can spread love all day long, just fucking do that. Like, because you are a man and I'm a man, you know, doesn't mean that we have to be that strong man, that doesn't feel emotions, just do that man. Like, it's so liberating. And it's so beautiful to see like people like smiling and joining because you're spreading love. Like just just by doing that, even when you go in a yoga class, or even when you go on the beach, and you just smile at everyone and you just, you know, you just you're just making people all day, and you have the power to do that. Because if you don't do that, you have any much like selfish like, and most people don't realize it. It's a this is all about them life, you know. So this is how not really about regulating them is about bringing more awareness and asking different questions than usual. Not like are what can I do to feel better? That's bullshit, there is no no feeling better. You need to understand that it's okay to feel bad. And they need to ask yourself, why do you feel that that's a clear feedback. I love that. I love that being away, it seems like you know, we have these programs that are running beneath the surface, it's like child, be aware that that's what's going on, you feel a certain way. And it's leading to certain behaviors, but challenged the way you're feeling to see what like why the fuck you're feeling that way, you know, instead of just being just being at the mercy or a victim to your programming, like challenge them. And either way, though, I love the idea of like giving the feeling of service and, and contribution even if just a smile to someone you're walking by on the street, you know, like that's what the world right need the world needs right now. You know, and it's so amazing. You've, you're able to, you're able to put words to that, and really own that as part of your purpose. And like, that's why like, why we're here like to spread that love in the business stuff comes but like ultimately, like we're here to spread love and joy in wisdom, creativity, these sorts of things and give back to something larger than ourselves. Absolutely. Love that. All right, so let's get into let's get into some microdosing psychedelics, and these sort of things you talked about taking psychedelics without guidance is like playing russian roulette with your mind. So talk to us about you know what? Well, if I'm coming to you, you know, and I'm interested in psychedelics, you know, what are the things in your, your screening for, like, who's a good fit for? Yes, so I want people to really understand that, because if you took psychedelics and without guidance, and everything went well, I can only say you've been pretty lucky. And the reason why because I know lots of people who have been taking psychedelics and had really bad experience, and now suffering from PTSD. And that's what cable is the big potential it can happen if you don't do them properly. So now, I do believe most people are is a good fit, if people are scared is because the ego and the society is putting your unsure in your side of you ideas about that, that is not true. However, there is not exactly for everyone. So of course, there are some people who shouldn't take psychedelics, for example, people who have a history of bipolarism of people who have the history of schizophrenia, they shouldn't try them. If you're taking certain medication like SSI, or EMI shouldn't shouldn't take any psychedelics. But if, if you feel like you want, you want to give it a try. And you follow all of those those guidelines. Now you need to make sure that you're going to have at least, if you're going to have a really high dose, to have some kind of guidance, at least, all the time, never take high doses without guidance, that make sure that you you have the right intention. Make sure that you are preparing yourself to the experience because there is no way that you're going to go and touch and see God., and you don't know what to ask him. Our shame is that you know, our shame is that. Either he has intention, you know, and that's why know I am here. Jesse I just had one experience. And it was two years ago, I haven't done then again, again, big doses, I haven't done them because there's really no need to do them many times if you do it properly. And of course you enjoy your trip. You enjoyed it. And that's okay. But understand that that's not the game, you know, it's not about enjoying it, you know, it's not about escaping it secondary, it's about going deeper. So, and that's why this big potential for PTSD and the potential for fucking it up if you do that with an intention. So these outlets how I see that, I'm really ready, and I really respect the medicines. And for me it's a shame when people don't take them purposefully is my point of view. And of course, people may think about whatever, but these is how I see God. Of course, you can take them and write by yourself. But be aware that there's big potential and big risks. Absolutely. I love that man. And just to hit on that one more time for people listening are interested in this sort of stuff. It's like bipolar, schizophrenia, certain types of medications, but really beyond that, it's just like a willingness to surrender your ego, you know, have like, we've talked about setting setting, you know, coming with a clear intention, instead of just going to distract yourself because we can be going to ayahuasca ceremonies every week, but if we're not, if we're just doing it to avoid our reality here in the world, you know, then what's the point of it all, you know, so it has to come in with a clear intention to find healing or find direction or spread love, wisdom, whatever it might be, for, for the person that's taking him. So say we check all those boxes, you know, we are interested in and we don't have, you know, we don't have any of these medical conditions, we're not taking these medications, we have an intention, we're trying to find more love, we're trying to find more creativity or wisdom, or there's something missing inside of our soul, you know, what is the process that you would recommend people start to explore? Yeah, so it depends, like, what the person feels like. But I will say that to microdosing, it can be a really great start, because it doesn't have much impact on your psyche, and you're not gonna see the walls moving and you won't see their son smiling. So usually, I be like, a really pleasant experience. And it's like a good way to connect to the medicine for whenever you're gonna feel ready for the journey. And, and the good part is that microdosing can actually help you becoming more aware of your ego, more or well creating your intention, more aware of preparing yourself from the journey. So totally, micro dosing can be used as a tool for big journeys. However, the kind of micro dosing and kind of work they do is a bit more different because microdosing, we use it for two main reasons, either for mental health, or for neuroplasticity, let's say that 85% of clients have come to me, they want to, they need help for mental health. So then we create a protocol that really works for them. And which could be you know, maybe increasing flow states, maybe increasing their mood, reducing their depression, improving the leadership skills, improving the communication skills, and more confidence, reducing social anxiety, many benefits, many benefits. In this case, we found it more successful when it comes to LSD. I don't know why, I don't know. But based on data and researches, LSD has been working better when it comes to micro dosing and mental health. However, if you already have worked on yourself, and you are sure 100% without ego, because there will be ego, and you have shown a percentage, you are doing a good job with your mental health. I don't mean at all that you can go to the next step, which is neuroplasticity. In this case, we found out she was it works better for now than LSD, if combined with niacin, and lion's mane. So it's like a stock you create. And of course, you could have lots of benefits, but there's a different protocol based on the other one, and and this one is gonna actually help you, you know, learn things faster, like making your bank monitor plastika. And remembering things much better. Making a better explanation better, so many benefits. So it depends what you're going to be honest. Yeah, that's super interesting. I've never heard the I have the idea that LSD is better for like sort of mental emotional health, depression, those sorts of things. And then the psilocybin mushrooms are better for neural plasticity. So can you talk about? Well, I want to actually get into something real quick. So this idea about ego death, you know, because that's a big theme of what we're talking about here. And I want to know, I want to know your perspective on on those sort of things. I mean, or that specifically like it our ego, like help us understand what that is in your, in your eyes. And then also like, how it's serving us how it's hindering us and give us a little more context around that. Absolutely. I love to say that and thank you for asking it like, it is a I think, I love to connect with this question. So these were the ego is the ego is like the personality that you have created in order to protect yourself from all of the suffering, all of the fears and all of the shame that you experienced in your past. And you want to make sure that this doesn't happen again. So of course the ego is defending you, so it's like a defending process is kind of good, you know, you feel uncomfortable without it, when the same time is holding you back from loving it, holding you back from opening your heart, is holding you back from testing your intuition, is holding you back from creating, is holding you back from many other things. So I'm not saying maybe ego is bad, ego is very good. But what is good is like a balance, a balance samsara and ego. Now, for me, the ego goes over, over, over, over active. So and I will say most people is already active, because we've been already traumatized, everybody's been suffering. So you're protecting yourself from not making this up and once again. So I will say most of us have a big ego, who has it bigger than an alliance, I don't know, I had a big ego and I admit that. So I will say the first step is to admit that, admit that you have a big ego admit that you have this big personality. And these can affect your life, is affecting your life massively. By the same time you can still balance it, you know, and, and take action from the ego, which you know, for example, doing a business saying certain things, that's the ego, but then balancing it, you know, from the soul and say, what is the thing that I can say I can bring more love? What is the best idea that you can start to put on my business, let's say ego, taking you action, because otherwise if you leave it at that experience, you're like, blessed out all day, I don't know either. No, nothing just sit all day blessed out. And that's not exactly the kind of life you want to live since we are 21st century, and we are living in cities, development. So we are entrepreneurs. So we need to create, you need to do something, but it's got to balance that. So this is what is ego for me. And they are not saying it's bad. I really want people to understand that because people comes to me are looking for is not bad. Of course, it's not bad. I know it. But most people don't understand it, most of them, they have all the active ego. And and this is basically what is fucking up your life. And just being aware of that, and, and do whatever it takes to reduce this work. And psychedelics have been proven to help you, you know, there is something called a dmn, which is a default mode network. The psychedelics can reduce that, and basically, most of these voices come from the ego. So for a moment can help you reduce that and be more present to the moment because we are missing out so many opportunities, so many intuitions that, you know, could be key for your life. Yeah. I love it, man. All right. So what I'm gathering is, you know, we need our egos, you're not saying just kill your ego, and then keep it dead. You know, you're saying one of the things that you've gotten your experiences that this ego dissolution, we have this ego, this, this personality that is put up as a protection. Really just like the scared inner child within us is trying to like be the tough guy or whatever, pushing away the things we really desire, love, deep connection, all these sorts of things, abundance, whatever it might be. And once we can kill that, or get a check on it, or at least be aware that that might be happening, that we're running these cycles in our personality in these, these sort of programs were given are, in fact, push away we want, we can either, you know, in this case, through psychedelics, we can bring them to our awareness, we could go a bit further and have this sort of like breaking down of them. But then we're building it back up from a healthy space fueled by love, fueled by creativity fueled by soul, you know, instead of just being a default program that we were given. Exactly, yeah, that's about it. We need to know it. We need to be aware of that. Yeah. Okay. Okay, so let's go, let's, let's keep moving forward with that, then. So we're aware of our ego now. And like, what's, what do we need to do now as we're like, helping us prepare for our life or take on our life? Moving forward, we are aware that we have this ego thing maybe even went through this experience with ego death. We've we've talked, taking on some psychedelics, like, how do we continue to stay connected to that to make sure we're moving forward in alignment? Yeah. So again, it's about asking yourself questions, different questions than usual. So usually, you ask question, how can I escape this feeling? But now the question is, why am I feeling that? And really, pretty much the ego behind that? So first of all, I will say asking different questions. Second thing is doing activities, finding modalities that can bring you back to your soul, that can bring you back to who you really are, which could be that work, could be yoga, could be meditation, could be microdosing. Find a modality that work for you. And if you can actually combine them because the combination usually is powerful, combine them themselves. So do yoga and microdose, microdose and go for a hike and really talk to yourself and listen to yourself, literally, like, have a beautiful conversation with yourself. You can fucking do that. And there is no shame to talking by yourself. Because I will think he's crazy. Who doesn't do that? Not who he started by himself is crazy is the opposite. If you have an alarm, every chance, talk to yourself, fucking do that. Talk to yourself as your friend and ask yourself different questions. Please, seriously, what is my goals? Why am I living for? Why am I feeling that? And what what do I want my futures to be like? I literally started conversations with yourself blog podcast with yourself, you know, you can do that. Absolutely, I've done a couple of those. Well, I got it, I get this theme. And it came up with another a couple other guests recently, who I really respect and their approach to living their life. And that is they have this sort of radical self honesty, this, this way of living integrity with himself, like we can lie all day to the people on social media can lie all day to people outside of us, even some of those that are close to us, you know, maybe they know something's off, but at the same time, like, they're just believing we're fine or whatever. But like, really, when we look in the mirror, or we go on these hikes, you know, and we're, like, really getting to the core of like, what we're experiencing what we want, you know, what we need in that moment, is, is this idea of radical self honesty is so big. I mean, I really feel like, this comes up for me a lot with like suicide, and like all the rising rates of mental health disorders, it's, it's coming from, like, a fracture between who we really are and like, what we deeply desire and like, what we're supposed, like, our ego and our soul, it's like a fracture there. And then once we sell our, we sell our soul for so long, and our personalities become so detached from who we really are, then, you know, that's when it leads to these other really drastic measures, or even just like substance abuse in general, or distraction, or those sorts of things. What's your take on all that? Yeah. So I can tell you the one thing that is killing our soul, unfortunately, is other people. If you stay with people that don't, they don't believe in you. They don't believe in the same truth as you believe. They are fucking you up little by little, even if you love them, if they love you, they're fucking you up. And I can't, I can't say this. I can really, like empasize more than that. Really, because I know. And because we've we've been growing life now and we feel lonely or we attached to people. But literally, if those people don't believe in us, and so people are disrespecting us. And we still build them this week, and we come up with the conclusion that we're not lovable. We're not enough. We're not smart enough. We are not creative enough. And they're not true. So let's let's think about that. So now, the thing is literally like being really careful in selecting the people we stay with. But seriously, like, like a sniper, and I'm not kidding you like really being really selective. And and the thing is that if you have a defense start to build big boundaries, big boundaries, okay? Do you do you still want to make this joke with me? Okay. Do it once again. And unfortunately not be able to stay here with you any longer. Do you still want to touch and we'll be doing again this narcissist we have is with me. Okay, you keep doing them but unfortunately won't be able anymore. I won't be able to make it. Do you do you still like to be and drink beers and to get in fucked up every day? Okay, keep going. But you won't be able to see me any longer. So start to build big boundaries, big boundaries with people and then you'll see a lot of selection of people people you don't even have to select this led to this guy's boring, this guy is too long themselves too much when people who hate themselves because we I hate myself are going to say with some of my loving self is so fucking in balance, you understand what I mean? So this is what happens all day long, you know? So now it's okay to be alone even for two years or three years it's okay because there are monks who live alone and and I think we live alone you understand better yourself, you can come back a better human being. And the more you you become better the more you increase your vibration, the more you're gonna find people who match your vibration, the more you're gonna match opportunities and situations. So this is like the thing that is killing our soul the most is other people, but not because other people are that bad. Don't get me wrong, just see people are everyone is beautiful soul, everyone is going on purpose. But unfortunately, we are all poisoned and all basically polluted by the society from all of those, you know, beliefs that we get started from school and raising everything else. So everything is polluted. So who is actually enlightened? Who is awakened? Isn't a few people. And if you are like that you want to go with more than with those people. And believe me, maybe it will take years to create that tribe. But then you will really have people who believe in you and who really believe in the same to the view who can give you nice beliefs you don't have, people that love your boundaries. People that don't please you, people give you clear feedbacks to why they don't lie to you, people that are honest. And that's key. Because anyway, people are energy, people are vibration more than anything else, believe me more than anything else. So there's one thing that is affecting us is people is the people around us. And even doing that with your parents, with your fiance or with your friends, I can do that. And if those boundaries doesn't work, I think it's time to say goodbye. And then the important is better, because they will find people who maybe they will be able to accept what they do, we will have people who accepted narcissist traits, I'm not able, I love myself too much to accept yourself. To accept you disrespecting me that way. So this is what I feel about it really straight. Many people don't agree with me. But these are my settings. And this would have been would have been successful for me so far. I think that's so important, you know, having those boundaries and recognizing that others, like quotes that come up from me right now that like, you're the some of the five people you hang out with most, or whatever, you know, it's like, the reality is, if you don't want to be that you want to create something more with your life, you have something bigger to serve than what you're doing right now you got to be around people that are going to support that mission, because all the people that are around you, even if they do with the best of intentions, you know, people that that love you like family members or whatever, close friends, they're going to try to keep you playing small as a way of protecting you. And so you stay safe and their little circle of control. But the reality is, we're all being called to wake up something here to transform to do something bigger than ourselves. And if the people around you are just caught up in themselves, you know, they're being selfish and all they want to do his, his party or or whatever, like, no shame, like, we're not setting hate towards them, but we can. I like how you just, it almost seemed like consciously decoupling your relationship, like, you're just gonna selectively not hang out with people, and those people will think you're boring or whatever, and they're gonna go do their own thing. And that's fine, you get in, you can let them go. So it does have to be this big breakdown of relationships is more of this, like, natural flow in release of people who no longer serve you. So you can be connected to the people that are going to really bring out the best in you. Exactly. That's all about it. And I know it can be super difficult, because you will be long time alone. You have to start to say people no, you have to stop pleasing people. I know it's hard, because that's where you get validation. That's how we get there. Okay. But there obviously, there was a word, believe me is almost in faith, for me is in faith. Because honestly, my energy is almostly intact. It's like pure. It isn't affected of personal by anyone. Believe me, it used to be a lot personal. And most people suffer from that because they are narcissist people, the people who are just takers and not give us. Our feelings, Really? How do you think you need to feel? And then of course, doctors give you medications? Of course, not that they don't ask you what is happening around you just under medication. And then keep saying those toxic relationships. I think it's fucking crazy. I think this is a really nice fucking crazy. I really like I'm really scared of these things, you know, and people when I tell them like they sound super weird and scary what I said, you know, but if we need to really see the reality, this is what I say. Yeah, 100% I'm with you all on this man. I really believe what you're saying. And I I also get really fucking scared when I think about how we're just, you know, people are living these these lives detached from their soul, let's say their purpose. There's something bigger something something is you know, bigger happening here. We're living these lives detached from that. And we become neurotic we become anxious we become all these things because that's our, you know, our body trying to point us back there or whatever. And doctors modern medicine is just like giving us medications to numb out those feelings so we can conform, and we can just still really in my eyes like abandon ourself abandon our true nature. You know, so, I'm with you, man 100% on this, but what I like to get into now is how can we so if we're saying that it's fucking crazy, and I 100% agree that we're just giving medication not to people to deal with these problems, how do we start to differentiate or what is the what is different about micro dosing as a medicine versus like modern pharmaceutical medicines? Yes. So the difference is this one, so those medications that doctors prescribe when it comes to anti anti depression stage is or antidepressants or SSRI. So basically those medicines like they will help increase your serotonin levels. So I have believed me Jesse at least 10 plus people every day, texting me on Instagram. And they tell me that they're taking antidepressants and they want to get off medications. So this is what I say honestly, because I could still I could charge a lot and tell them okay go microdosing okay? I said not microdose not microdose do not do that. And the reason why is because those medicines already be filled and use as SSRI, because first are very addictive, and the second thing is it's very difficult to get out from. I've seen I know people who get time to get out from it and getting sicker. So I would say is do being really careful. First, second thing, what happens with those SSRI is that, of course, you will not feel much depressed and much sad any longer, but you can say goodbye forever to joy, and great and gratitude. Goodbye, like you young, completely numb, you will not be able to feel anything. Literally you can, you can have your girlfriend like give making you the best surprise or finding love of your life. And you literally not feeling it. Our ocean is that, clean nature, seen a waterfall your not feeling anything. That's just basically what happens when you take antidepressants. So that's, that's really sad. And in the same time, those antidepressants are created to suppress the symptoms, but not really cure the root cause of what is causing it, which is for sure, traumas, which could be many other things behind that. So these what happens with SSRI. And usually those are discovered by psychiatric stuff. And they don't do any work on the psychology, they just talk I go there, I feel this way, I'm giving medications, I've got the license, I'm gonna do that. And of course, it's a big business billion dollar business anyway, in the US not even talking about that. So when it comes to microdosing is a completely different thing. So it's not as addictive as them at first. Until you can get out easily, you don't need them that much and, and this kind of work is like mostly connecting with your back with yourself and starting to see your trauma starting to see your suffering in a more compassionate way. So this, what is the whole goal of microdosing is start to work on you, starting to work on yourself with a therapist or with a coach or with whoever and starting to see yourself far more compassionate way. Let's say okay, I behaved bad, there was a narcissist or whatever, and start to us and start to see yourself more compassionately. And guess when you do that, you're gonna do the same with all this, it's such a brilliant thing, because you're never gonna be pissed off with people, because you will literally understand that people are genuinely suffering. And everyone, everyone who does that is suffering. And you can bring that extra compassion with them. It's so beautiful, because most of the times we get to study because other people are mean to us, or they don't do things as we expect. But honestly, they am very simply they are suffering, they want to protect themselves from suffering. And that's, that's why they do that. And, and these brings, so much liberation, for yourself and for all this. So of course, it's different approach, we can say that microdosing more analystic approach than SSRIs. Of course, unfortunately, there's no self science based evidence, the micro dosing works, while SSRI is the one that works, so this is the only thing and why microdosing doesn't, doesn't show it works, to be honest with you, because I do study that, and the researchers went against that. But the reason why is because what they've done the double blind test trial, so they've given the same medicine to everyone, the same dose to everyone. And they didn't do any kind of activities. So of course, placebo and, and micro dosing was exactly the same, nothing happened. So for what they've been experiencing, micro dosing works not like that, you need to find the appropriate, sweet spot for the dose, literally, you don't have a dose that works for you all the time. You need to nail it, need to try different doses, and see which one is best for you. Maybe you need to choose the right medicine, maybe it doesn't work psilocybin. Again, you need to touch the different medicines. One more thing, what activities are you doing? Are you doing activities that are bringing you more self awareness, or doing activities that are giving you more insights? What are you doing? So this is what is going to define the micro dosing experience successfully. Of course, there is no science based so I can tell you that I'm not even a doctor and I don't have any license, but this is what is working for me this whats has been working for my clients. And I will keep doing that. I love this return back to yourself and using what works and finding out you know, this still this idea of being radically self honest, you know, holding yourself accountable and kind of using these tools to make sure you're getting on the path, whereas, with a lot of SSRIs and all these other medications, you're just suppressing how you feel takes all the joy and all the love out of life and you just that's just you know, you're it's almost like you're chemically dependent upon this sort of thing that drains the love the love and the life out of you. But by connecting with these plant medicines, when you when you said return to self for when I thought about that, it made me think about some some connected to South America I go down there for Ayahuasca and I do retreats down there, and we do different plant medicines as well. And there's, there's been this overarching theme of like, returning back to our thing giving back to earth and all these sorts of things like, improve, they call it Pachamama. And, you know, this idea of returning back to ourselves to what's more natural, and what's giving what's gifted to us by nature in the form of these, these mushrooms or in some of these other plant medicines that are just literally growing here waiting for us to use them to actualize our full potential. You know, it seems like it's such a gift, and it's just right here. So we have to move towards that, like, what is more natural? What is really serving us? What is more sustainable, instead of just acting like these problems that are going on? aren't here? And nominal, how we feel about it all? Yeah. And that's, that's the point. Man. Okay, so anything else you'd want to pass on? about, about psychedelics about about microdosing? Anything like that, for people who are interested, like, Where? Where can they get started? Yeah, so first of all, these are important and tell those people really understand what micro dosing is. Because the most people have misunderstand that. Because micro dosing people think is like a small dose, and that you need okay to be slightly high. And that's the experience. But that's not the point of micro dosing. So micro dosing is up to 100% sub perceptually, which means you don't have to feel it. That's why it's important that you try different doses. So to find the dose where you don't feel it, don't feel like it's slightly more aggressive. But you can feel a shift in the way you you're aware, the way you think, the way you create, you feel the shift, but I don't feel I so this is where you need to watch you need to find. So these are the first step understanding that this is the micro logic. So a second thing I will say, do not go and take and microdose if you don't know what you're doing, I know people who just take pills have already done and you know, learning, just take it. And that's okay, have a nice day. And that's it. Like make sure you dose it, make sure you you test the medicine as well. And you make sure that you have a clear intention. And also, one more thing that I will say is to make sure that take a pulse, a rest every once in a while, let's say you microdose for three months, take one month break, every month, they come week break up to you but make sure you take a break, because those are medicines are very potent, but didn't shouldn't rely on that, you should be able to create love, wisdom and creativity without them. use them as a tool for from maybe some issues, you're dealing with some specific intention, but then making sure that you can do your work without them, you can have an awesome life, awesome day without them. So this what I say, to be honest with you, because okay, those medicines are essential, but to be honest, and my, my end goal is to not use them at all at some point, and being able to manifest those feelings and those three key areas without them. And these how I see that. Again, use it as a tool, not as a way of escaping your reality, like using as a tool to improve your life and then ultimately becoming, you know, completely self into pendant, you know, and so you can you can live and manifest and create in love and all these things that you're you're really after all by yourself, which is really ultimately coming back to yourself. Yeah. And those are really potent medicine really potent. So make sure to use them wisely. And with a clear intention, and making sure that there is integration behind that. Seriously asking yourself different questions. Like really, if you're not into self growth journey, if you're not into some spiritual journey, don't take them. This is what I say. Because it's not gonna do any good to you. It is big potential for addiction as well. Yeah. Yeah, because at least if you are working on yourself now, the key addiction is sticking in, there's an escape, and you're taking them for that purpose. But if you're working on yourself and you don't use them for enhancing the work that you're doing on yourself, that's a different story. And for me, like microdosing has been accelerating. My growing process, it's accelerating my business, be accelerating the quality of my relationships, all of those things. I'm telling you right now, today is thanks from recognizing all of these insights. I have them thanks to them, just realization realizations. It was all thanks to the microdosing. And that's because I use them not because I, you know what I do you know what I am for? So I've been using them as a tool, not as an escape. Absolutely. Instead of just being another device, you're using it to actualize your full potential paying off. Yeah, alright Walters. So tell us a bit more if people are interested in getting microdosing coaching from you and support or they want to connect with you. Where can they find you? Yeah, absolutely. So the best way would be to go on my Instagram, I have my community there. Reach out to me anytime I have more so much content that I publish every day. And of course, I've got the website is really easy. And for anything about microdosing you can reach out to me, I would be really happy to help you and assist you, if you need us finding the medicine. I know it's really hard, because of the war of drugs and all of these kinds of things. But I know there are some ways you can actually get suiciding looks really easy for LSD. But yeah, and everywhere else in the world, I would say Canada is really convenient place to be to purchase things Europe as well, although the UK is a bit complicated, but what else is pretty good. And just make sure that before you do anything, you set an intention and there is a clear reason why you wanna do that. And I don't work with everyone to be honest. I work only for people who are really willing to do the work, really committed and and they want to use them for the following purpose. Not for the any other things. Love it man I only call that in the show notes to the website and Instagram profiles. I got one question for you before we head off and it really just want to get a picture like have you ever had a vision of like if everyone who was supposed to be on these using these medicines and they use it for the with a clear intention? Like how as scary as the world is right now we're using pharmaceutical drugs and all these sort of things. And no matter how we're feeling, how beautiful could the world be? If we all actualize use these tools at our disposal to actualize our full potential we created this, you know, this this world? What would that look like for you? Yeah, so good. I'll said, I don't think this will gonna ever happen, to be honest. And I'm not even thinking about that. Because there's such a bigger society because I've meant and I don't think this will ever be possible is a big utopia. And that will mean that the government themselves they take psychedelics and they share to everyone this, I don't think this will ever happen. However, I'm sure that psychedelics will be used as a psychotherapy as a tool. Absolutely. Not many people will be using them, it will not be like common medicine, for sure, but will be absolutely like legal shown in the US. And pretty much maybe in Europe, let's say in 10 years. And, and of course, people that are not having any benefits from SSRI and many other things, they can go with a psychedelics. So that would be an absolute. So this is my, my beliefs. But there's still a big stigma. And I don't think this stigma will ever break, to be honest. But it's kind of better this way. Because if you can imagine its more exclusive. And I don't know a bit of words, to be honest with you, I would take psychedelics, I have no idea. That will be an interesting thing to reflect on. So maybe that could be a nice, pun for me to think about to be honest. Well, I'm gonna keep this going a little bit, then I'm curious to know, because it seems like there is a sort of psychedelic renaissance going on. So perhaps instead of, you know, this utopia, which is is unrealistic, but you know, in the 60s, there was all these sort of psychedelics are coming out, but we're bringing this renaissance, like, how is this time going to be different? Hmm. Okay, great question. So I don't, to be honest, I will doubt about that, because I've seen this big potential with the combination of taking psychedelics and, and becoming a narcissist, it's a big potential. And this big potential for those people who have a lot of power, take those medicines, and see themselves limitless. So that could be the worst. So again, I don't know of the could be. I know those medicines are powerful, and there is probably high chance that people who are narcissist, they can heal. But if they don't, they're gonna become even more narcissist, even more powerful, even more controlling. So and I'm sure that the most richest people in the earth, that thing is psychedelics 100%. Yeah, I'm sure and so this is the real thing. You know, they those tools man have been used for the CIA. And they've been using the Pentagon, they use them. And there are people behind them. And also, Tim Ferriss always says that all the billionaire said he knows they've been taking psychedelics. So I don't know, all those millionaires are, but I'm not sure that all of them, they have addicts. I mean, I doubt that most people have, but I don't know who anyone. So still, also think about that as well. Yeah, I love it, man. So who knows it basically what I'm gathering, you know, as we can't control what's going on the world around us. But we can use these tools to come back home to ourself to be radically self honest, to create love, creativity, you know, all these sorts of things, and really become fully functioning independent human beings that are affected by the outside world. So the world can continue to fucking spiral down into chaos, but needs to but we're gonna be whole and complete as we are. And we can use these tools to really make the most of our life while we're here. Exactly. Yeah, that's it man. Maybe my ideas we'll change in the future. But these what has been so far my ideas, maybe in the future, also, the signs will change. And my beliefs will change. So I'm really I'm still open to anything. You know, I am not the kind of guy who's like this and that's it. And I will grow I know, I will see more schools. And then I can tell you, absolutely, we'll come back and do it I'm going to do for during that time, if it does, but absolutely, man, I really appreciate coming on the action hour anything else you want to share Walter? Just make sure that all of us is same today, you guys spread love, spread with positive energy around you. Even if you don't feel like doing it, do it. Because if you have if you don't feel well, and you make someone feel bad, well, like, this is gonna give you a better vibration. So this is what I say. Really, make sure to spread love and if you feel like you want to be nasty, stay at home, stay home and think about that. Because like you're up and like if you're nasty, and someone else, and this person is obviously aware of all of these things we're talking about is gonna be nasty with someone else. And if the cycle continues, we're going to create a small war, basically an invisble war, or one against each other. So if you want to spread love, go make sure you do that. If you want to be nasty, stay at home. Love that. Alright, I can't say anything better than that Walter. Thank you so much for come on to the action hour. Welcome. Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for tuning in. Dive into Walters world check him out and come back next week. Have an amazing day spread love, if you could be nasty stay home. Peace!