The Action Hour

Cycle of Embodied Success

July 12, 2021 Season 2 Episode 13
The Action Hour
Cycle of Embodied Success
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I believe our responsibility in this changing world is to get clear on who we are and why we are here... and then start living in alignment with that. 

The point is to own our greatness and share our gifts so we can make the most of the gift that is life. 

Embodiment is this process of coming home to yourself and integrating whatever that means for you. 

Without it, everything we want could be right in front of us but we'll miss it like we are asleep at the wheel. 

We could be "successful" in every external arena but feel empty and alone inside. 

We could wake up one day and realize the life we have been living is a lie. 

Through the Cycle of Embodied Success we can embody our greatness and start to enjoy the ride. 

We get to get clear on what's most important to us and pursue those things that make us feel most alive. 

This is episode details how to do just that so you can make the most of your life.


Welcome to the action hour. My name is Jesse Simpson. and I believe there's never been a better time in the history of the world to be alive. I'm on a mission to bring you the insights, ideas and inspiration, you need to uncover your greatness and take action on your dreams. If you want to start a business, write a book, take a big trip, or level up to a higher state of living in the world, mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially. The stories found in the show will provide the action steps and energy you need to succeed. No matter what you are going through, or where you've been. You can at any time, break that cycle and transform your life. This show is going to show you how to do it. If you've got the itch to act, now is the time. Allow the inspiring stories within this show to serve as your guide. This is the action hour, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Welcome back to the action hour hope life is amazing wherever in the world you might be. My name is Jesse Simpson. And I'm truly grateful the gift of your presence here and now. So whatever you're doing, wherever you are, I just want to take time to acknowledge and appreciate you for tuning in for listening for stopping by. Last week, we hit on the five steps for freedom and you honestly, if you listened last week's episode, I got pretty fucking fired up about the state of the world right now. And I feel very passionate, I feel very called to bring to the awareness of suicide, mental health disorders, all these things that I believe are completely preventable. And I offered a five step framework that we can help start to create freedom in our life, because the reality is, no matter how much we want to fucking, red, white and blue, on off to the right word. But you know, fucking tout as what I'm trying to say red, white, and blue. and say how we're proud to be Americans. I think these things are all great to an extent. But if we're unwilling to face the fact that there are things that are happening here that are no longer serving us, that are no longer serving our division, the founder, the founding fathers had for our country. And we're being led astray. This this is what I believe, and I think it's important as we go through challenging times to be aware of them to acknowledge what they're what's happening. So we can take action, to create a new future to break the cycle to change your life. And I know this to be true from my own personal journey of having suicidal thoughts for you know, the cycles going on in my life, I had to fucking feel so low, I had to be the firefighter of the year smoking weed at work, and be so low, so angry, so fucking emotionally bankrupt, and abandoned myself to realize I had to move forward. And I had to overcome, you know, once I just see that, so clearly now with what's happening around the world, things have to get so low. But we have to then be aware of them, acknowledge them, so we can take action to move forward. And that's what the action hour is all about. But today, I want to bring in the second component of these five steps for freedom. Because we can have all this outwardly. I'm saying a bunch of words that don't know for words outwardly, I'm not sure if that's a word. But this sort of outer world sort of success, and fame, maybe or even the like being financially free or being a leader or like, whatever it might be, we have all the things we want on the outside. But if we're missing the secret ingredient, the embodiments of our success, because we don't feel worthy, or because we don't know how to manage at that level. We're going to self sabotage, we're going to break down. So today I want to talk about this, what I call the cycle of embodied success. And what I believe it's the process for building our life from the inside out, so we can truly be free. While the five steps for freedom are the things we need to do on the outside world, get clear on our vision, take action, fucking have some courage, go out there and create your life. To bring this full circle, I want to offer this cycle of embodied success where you really own who you really are, at a core level and fill your cup from inside out. The five steps offered last week were step one, answer the call. Step two, commit to the process. Step three, get clear on the vision you have for life. Step four, take action. Step five, reflect and adjust. And I think this is still so relevant. No matter who you are, what you're going through. Like, you can start to tune into the messages, commit to uncovering your path, get clear on what that looks like for you and just continue to move forward. But as you're moving forward, and you're creating your world from the inside out, and you're owning your internal freedom. It's important to start to embody this leader, this entrepreneur, this change maker that you really desire to be. And I think that if you don't do this, this process, this embodiment process, you got four problems on your Horizon. So just be aware, perhaps these have happened to you before. But let's just imagine the success is a mountain. You know, you can imagine, you climb this fucking mountain, but realize you climbed the wrong one with the wrong tribe, you're surrounded by a bunch of fake motherfuckers, some phony motherfuckers, that are just gone at the first sign of a shiny new object, a toy. You know, as soon as you start to have a hard time, they just vanish. On the outside, sure you're successful, but you have lost touch with the community. We need to thrive like we're all here to serve something larger than ourselves. And if you end up with the wrong mount with the wrong tribes surrounding you, you know, you could have wasted your entire fucking life. Number two, you burn a billion bit, you burnt a billion bridges ended up all alone, your partners, your family, you know, your closest friends, whatever it might be, is just scattered. They're broken, they're battered on the trail behind you. Number three, your burnout, you're broken, you're bankrupt. You just wanted to prove so bad, you can get all done by herself. You tried to be perfect at everything. And you didn't want anyone to know that you were barely breathing. So you're just struggling up this mountain all by herself. And you got lost along the way, really, you lost touch with yourself. And I think the last thing is probably pretty fucking common for people is they just never even start the hike. You know, they never start the climb. I guess really, when we're talking about this, it's like an inner climb into the depths of your soul trying to figure out who you are and what you really want in this world. But ultimately, we this is a hero's journey, you know, we, we get this call to adventure, and we have to venture into the unknown. So whether it's actually climbing a fucking mountain in the outer world are like looking yourself in the mirror and realizing, you know, you're in control. You're in charge of what comes next. But so many just sit on their couch and smoke weed and eat potato chips, and never even come close to touching what we're after here, and I think that's the biggest fucking shame. And this is my story. You know, while working one of the busiest ladder trucks in the country. Letter to a woman is the 16th busiest ladder truck in the country in 2016. And I started this nonprofit, I thought my whole life was preparing me for it. I was featured on this, a number from podcasts, and these newspaper articles had these different speaking opportunities. And it all culminated in me being recognized as the Arizona State firefighter of the year in September 2017. That's crazy coming up on four years now. You know, I stood in front of 500 plus firefighters at the safe fire school, I had my childhood dream job. I had my dream girl, I was getting this award that I couldn't have ever even imagined was possible and never even came into my mind. But I was near a breaking point. I spent the majority of that past year just completely over committed, overstretched and overwhelmed. You know, I'm embarrassed to say that I have this history of hurting people that care about me. I get angry. It's an interesting how the the people that we love the most are the people that you know, our kids and our wives are the ones that bear the brunt of our insecurities, our lack of worthiness. And now is absolutely the case for me. And as I began to break down, and I closed the business, and I was just so anxious and depressed and had this deep sadness. I felt broken and alone. All my my relationships were strained. And I just really, I mean, I started having these suicidal thoughts. And what had happened was, you know, I had all this success on the outside. But I hadn't done the inner work, to embody to become from the inside out who I was becoming on the outside, who I believe myself to be my self worth my self image was not at that level. I was not good enough. I did not feel good enough. And so I burned a billion bridges. I was at the top all alone. I pushed all the people that I loved away from me. I was burnt out. I mean, I'm Looking at these numbers, these force the bumps of success. And I'm like, I was like three of them, you know. But that's the point. I had to go through that just like the world has to go through what it's going through to wake up and realize that that wasn't success. I had to realize that there's something more. Now what I believe that more is, is this idea around embodiment, we need to start to own our greatness, we need to start to embody who we were fucking born to become. For me, I was just so busy, just going through the motions and things just land in my lap, I was like, plowing through life. And because of my work ethic, in my size and stature, probably my attitude, you know, people opportunities would kind of come to me. But I didn't take any time to get clear on who I want it to be. I was reckless. And really, all I was was just insecure about myself. So I just this, I did this, plowing through life, doing things to make up for my own insecurities. Not I believe this is the recipe that led to the failure, the failure that had to happen, so I could be reborn. But now with this understanding of embodiment, and effort, put into expressing and becoming who I need to become, I know that I can create any level of success and feel good while I do it. I know you can, too. So that's what I want to cover today is this embodiment, this, this, calling this this feeling this knowing that you deserve to feel happy, healthy, and be wise and wealthy, you deserve to feel fucking good. And if your life or something outside of you saying that something, that you're not feeling good, or you don't deserve that, well, that's the problem. And it's time for you to own your greatness, to embody your success in here and now, because that is what will create the success on the outside. Now there are six C's that I've put up into the cycle of embodied success. They were ever evolving. They're continuing to grow their feed, but it's a feedback loop that informs the other. But it's care. It's character, compassion, conviction, community and a coach. self care. I think this word is thrown out a lot. And it's something I had no idea what it was. And maybe if you don't like the idea of self care, call it Waking the Warrior Within. But at the end of the day, self care is not selfish. I believe that if you're not taking care of yourself, you are being selfish, because it's the people that you care about most that will be affected when you begin to break down. It was my relationships with my now wife, Jessica, that were affected the most my family. They were affected the most when I was completely addicted, distracted and being a fucking victim in my life. I was trying to be everything for everybody all the time. And then I realized I was being nothing for anybody ever. Besides this fucking huge mess. So know that self care is not selfish. Because who will care for you if you don't care for yourself? Step one of all this feeling good in the process is to start to own and honor your own needs. You've got to understand your needs, realize you're worthy of having needs first of all, even if you're a parent, or a fucking high level CEO or whatever, like you have needs to grow so you can slow down a little bit and start to honor them. prioritize them, fill your cup up first. The second step is to create boundaries with yourself and others. Create boundaries of people in your life are not serving you or who you want to become or they're not supporting your dreams. They don't believe in you. These people need to leave. And you can do a soft exit you know, you can just start to slowly not hang out with these people. They will naturally deselect and decouple from your life. They will naturally leave because you're be too boring for them, or whatever. You're not the same. Yeah, good. I'm trying to grow. I don't want to be the same. It's perfect. You know, so let those people leave your life or set a boundary so that no longer interfering with your dreams and your goals. And step three is to create a plan for self care and stick to it. You know, you got to have a plan with this. You got to be really proactive with this. You got to block off time in your in your day in your week. I love the morning routine I've talked about before on this episode on the podcast, but find a morning routine carve out the time and that routine is mazing. During the week, carve ut time for you to go for a alk. Like whatever it is you eed to do, but just stick to t. Now, I think, at least omething that's really mportant for me has been in my ast is using what could be onsidered self care as a way of urther abandoning, abandoning yself. And what I mean is I, my hing has always been exercise've always been working out, ou know, on the biggest otherfucker around, and I would dry my body into the ground. It's like I was punishing myself. But it led to this way, it allowed me to be sort of productive in some way on the outside. But still, I was neglecting the internal world. Still, I was running for myself, it was a distraction, perhaps a more cultural, culturally appropriate distraction exercise. But ultimately, it's the same thing. I was running for myself. And I think the main thing with this idea of embody success is you are no longer running yourself running from yourself. You're no longer running from yourself. So keep in mind there's overdoing of anything that's, that's good. Can overdo it, but stick to your plan, create a plan, stick to it, set up boundaries and understand your needs and prioritize them, you deserve that shit. The second C is character. Our character is made up of values. It's the foundation of who we really are. And it's our values that serve as a compass, pointing out what it means to be true to ourself. If we honor those values, and what it means to be true to yourself on a consistent basis, life is going to be so rich, it's gonna be so self fulfilling, you'll be living so on purpose, all your important life decisions will be easier to make. When they come through the lens of your values, what's most important to you. But if you don't have any conscious thought put into these things, you can spend your whole life just living someone else's life, or doing what society says you should be doing. even know the whole time you're suppressing really who you are. This is ultimate betrayal, self betrayal, not getting clear on really, what's most important to you in living in alignment with that. I think this is one of the major reasons why so many people end up on those pitfalls of success, they lose touch with themselves, they have no foundation from which to grow. So they end up hollow alone, broken. So I think the key with character in our values is just define what they are. Define new define the values that are guiding your life. You know, I decided I measure my life by how much I give, how much I grow, and how far I go. This idea of service growth in action took me on a trip around the world and allowed me to stand here and in humble service before you. I can't I mean, we can't we're not gonna get all into the shit, that's it's opened up for me. But once I started to live this life and align with this service, growth in action, these main values that drive me everything in my life changed. I got out from that being the broken firefighter of the year smoking weed at work to, to free and fully alive, I traveled the world to go do all these things. And, and it's not that I got to do all these things. It's that I came back home to myself and I started to live a life that was true to me. So no matter what all the things I'm doing on the outside are, it doesn't even matter. Because I can sleep at night. Because I know I doing what's true to me. Life is not easy. There are a lot of things I don't know answers to. I'm still so far off and a lot of my goals. But at least I know what I'm after. At least I know who I am. And I just offer that to you just get clear on the values you have for your life. And then put them in order of priority. Allow them to make your decisions. Don't take things personally, you know, just say this is this is who I am. Take it or leave it. This is how I make decisions. So you don't have to get all the emotions in people pleasing and all this sort of stuff involved to like, if this is who you are, you have to own it. You have to act in alignment with these values. You have to stay true to yourself. And one of the big things that I'm learning in this process is just the idea of having compassion along the way. This is the third C in the cycle of embodied success and I think it's the key to We're moving beyond forgiveness, to understanding and having compassion and kindness for all things, including yourself, including all the fucking shit you've went through to get to where you are. You know, I think a big part of this embodied success is just not carrying around a backpack full of baggage filled up with names of everyone who's hurt you, your past mistakes, what you did or getting get you think you reserved, it's time to let go of all the resentment and regret and just realize that you can have compassion for yourself, others in the world around you. I think you can learn to love yourself, others in the world. And this will lighten the load that you're carrying. Now I think the the C word here is, is compassion. It's just showing a bit of love. As if you got to your inner child, then you and use, you know, hey, man, I'm here for you. I got this, we can do this. Instead of beating yourself up over and over and over again. And the same thing with the people around you like we're all suffering everyone just projecting their own traumas and insecurities on other people, just like I was doing just like you do, too. But if we can just send that person a little bit of love a little bit of compassion for the journey that they're on the struggles they might be facing, that we can start to find wholeness and completion within ourselves. Because as we accept and love those parts of those people around us that most people are hating or judging, we unconsciously give ourselves permission to love those same parts within ourselves. And I don't think anything's more important than that as we moving forward on this journey. And this idea of love and compassion. And I think the key to this is just to be willing to look back on the people are looked back on the people just a few months or years down the path as you instead of with disgust, or judgments, but just realizing that they're on their journey to and you can give your hand back, show a little bit of love and just give more than you take in this world. And then, of course, Soul comes right back to you. And what you're looking at, or what you're saying to yourself, when you're brushing your teeth in the mirror, is just showing them a little bit of love for yourself a little bit compassion, switch out the regrets, and the resentment for a little bit of grace and understanding. And see how that doesn't heal your heart. And that doesn't make you whole and complete. Because that's what we need. Moving into this world as people were coming from this place of wholeness and completion, rather than trying to fill up from an empty cup. Convictions, convictions is the next C in the cycle of embodied success and convictions are just the firmly held beliefs and opinions we have about ourself others in the world. The problem is that oftentimes, it's our beliefs, our very own beliefs that limit our ability to live our best life, to build meaningful relationships and to achieve our goals. These are roadblocks that come in all kinds of different forms, including internal stories, self sabotage, limiting beliefs, conflict, outside forces and people in our environments. Really, this is the idea at the core of all this is just this idea of are we worthy? Or are we worthy of success? And however we define it, are we worthy, are we deserving of being free. And the problem with these is it the programs that were given to us by sometimes well, meaning teachers, parents and community leaders, that have influenced us in a way to believe something that is not true. Because if there's any belief that you have, that says, you're unworthy of success of freedom, whatever the fucking might be. If there's any belief that says you're unworthy, it is simply not true. And you can now from a different perspective, look back on that moment, when you first pick that up, and realize that the people that pass it on to you were just passing on the pain that they were given. And the Your job is to break that cycle. So you can actually be free. If you are convicted in your belief that you will be successful that you are worthy of success, you will succeed. In fact, I think that's that's the fucking journey right there. That's the point. To realize you are worthy and once you've got that, I mean, all the stuff on the outside comes and if it doesn't, doesn't matter, because you fucking feel good about yourself. See, our thoughts. our beliefs are just thoughts plus feeling combined over time. Something happened you were a kid by one of these teachers or parents or whatever it might have been. gave you the thought and made you feel a certain way and then over time, subconsciously, you're attracting people experiences opportunities that reaffirm that initial limited view of yourself that limited belief. But if you're willing to change what you believe is possible about yourself, you want to do that deep internal work, you actually change what becomes possible for you. See, these beliefs are just stories. And if your story doesn't create a better experience of your life, you have the obligation to change them. So they serve you, your family and loved ones, the community, our world. So just like your limited beliefs, your your limiting self concepts were given to you. In this idea of thought plus feeling combined over time, you can start to rewrite yours in the same process. And I think the key to that is just to one become aware of it, where might you have gotten that from? Is that true? Challenge the beliefs, the values, the programs that you were given. And if they don't create that better experience in your life, you have the obligation to change them. And if you find that you don't believe in yourself, or you don't believe in your worthiness, or whatever the words you might use to describe that you feel like shit about yourself, it's time for you to find new empowering beliefs, the ones that would really serve you, it's time for you to move out to the future and imagine you have this idea of embodied success, and you have all the life, the luxury, whatever it might be in your world. And you go out to that person in the future, and you see what kind of beliefs he or she has. And you start to embody them now. And you reaffirm, reaffirm that over time, your life is literally going to change. Because everything starts and ends with you. And once you change what you believe is possible, you change your concept of the world, you change what becomes possible, and you change who you are in the world. And then the world around you starts to change. And it's this chain effect of things that once you go inside and do the deep internal work, you start this cycle that can be stopped. And you start to embody your greatness and your power and you create whatever the fuck you want in this world. That's the opportunity here. So stop letting the default programs that were given to you dictate your life. And then you get to contribute to a community. Community is the fifth C in the cycle of embodied success, they say we are the average of the five people we hang out with most. Your responsibility is to surround yourself with people who are going to engage, challenge and excite you. And you're going to contribute to them in some way. Now, if you want to just move laterally in life, who wants to do the same thing, maybe just hop from one thing to the next, but never really go up? We can do that alone. But if we want to move vertically, we want to go up, whether it's physically, financially, spiritually, or otherwise, you've got to connect and collaborate with people that challenge you to grow and think bigger, you got to surround yourself with people that are gonna pull you forward, instead of the ones stuffing you down into a little box, trying to get you to conform to their limited perception of you. I think this also includes having the courage to reach out for help. When you're out creating your life, when you're out creating freedom, you'd like gotta realize you're not here to do this alone. Again, one of the pitfalls on this journey is doing this all alone. You got to find the people that you're meant to serve. And you got to start working with them. You got to create a community of people real or virtual, alive or dead, that strengthen, support and inspire you. I have this thing called the tribe of mentors. And there it is, virtual mentors that I have that are people that I just I absorb their content, I take on their beliefs, I model their view of the world because they have something that I desire. With the spread of technology and the internet, like there's almost there's like literally no excuse to not create a tribe. Even if you live in a small fucking town in bumfuck. us or Kansas or some shit, you know, you can actually start to create a tribe of mentors that are really going to hold you to the highest level. There are online coaching programs, online groups, there's all kinds of communities exploring all the things that you're interested in. You just got to find out how you can contribute to them. I think a key to that is to start to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. This comes through radical self honesty. And then it takes this courage to reach out for help. To put yourself out there to contribute to find the people that you want to be around who you want to become and just start being a round them, decide what you need to do and go fucking do it. And if you don't have a community that fits in, create your own, because there are people around you that are in need of what you have to offer the world. And fall in the same vein with his idea of getting a tribe of mentors is, the final scene in the cycle of embodied success is to get a coach. Everyone needs someone to push them to grow and think bigger. Everyone needs someone to push them to grow and think bigger. See, we're our own worst enemy, our limited beliefs, our particular ways of being will get in our way of actually getting to where we want to go in our life, we have to have someone like a coach or a trusted mentor, outside of our friends and family that is pushing us to grow and think bigger. So we don't run the same cycles over and over and over again. When you invest in a coach, you invest in yourself, you send a message to your subconscious, that you are worth it, that your future is going to be brighter than your past. And you click into the feeling of abundance and resourcefulness this need to lead your life, your health, wealth, relationships to the next level. So commit to investing in yourself in your future, send a clear message that you are worth at the your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, the desire, you have to create anything you want, this world is worthy. It's a worthy endeavor. And then consume the content, the coaches to speak to you get around the people that inspire and engage you create this tribe of mentors. And then when it feels right, or probably probably before it feels quite right, engage with them, get a coach to push you to grow and think bigger. And that's it. The character, the character, the compassion, that conviction and community in a coach, this cycle of embodied success is constant feedback loop that's informing you at a subconscious level. If you're going to make it or not. And I think this is combined with the five steps of freedom, it's this combination of the being and the doing the yin and the yang, the always driving and striving and taking action versus the slowing down, filling up your cup first, the self care the compassion, acknowledging how far you've come, that's gonna allow you to move forward and be completely filled, fulfilled, and free. And this is all you need to do to live a fulfilling and engaging life. Now you have to plug in the things as specifics for yourself. But if you recognize this, and you own this, and you start showing up for yourself in this way, you just got to understand that anything you desire is possible for you. Anything you desire is possible for you. But you've just got to be willing to go in and do the work. And I think a lot of it comes back to yourself, how you treat yourself, how you value yourself. Because once you start to value yourself and give yourself the time you need, everything in your world will change. So my challenge to you is, as we close out this week is to really consider were in a cycle of embodied success, you are not pulling your weight or you're not clear on your values. Are you not a part of the right community? Are you recognizing that you have this limited belief, this limited concept that says you are not worthy of success? Perhaps you're not taking the time, you need to care for yourself and do the things you love and the things you enjoy. Whatever it is for you come back to this. So you can move forward from this whole this place of wholeness and completion. So you can feel free and fully alive. That's the opportunity here. And my challenge to you as we go into this sort of new world where we are no longer as affected by the external environment. And instead, we own our power to create anything we want in this life. And I would like to say I have an incredible interview lined up coming out in the next couple of weeks with a man named Walter. He's microdosing coach, and we get into all these different things. And about he talks about how psychedelics specifically mushrooms and LSD micro dosing can help bring these things out to our awareness, so we can challenge them and decide what service and leave that shit behind that doesn't. It's a really, really good episode and I'm really excited to share it with the world. So tuned into that if you're interested in learning more, and maybe considering how psychedelics and micro dosing can serve you on this journey. I think this important conversation. Be sure to check that out. Thanks so much for tuning into this the cycle of embodied success. The five steps to freedom. Freedom is fucking yours, what you body this what you own your greatness and I will get to the next episode so have an amazing weekend.