The Action Hour

Freedom on the 4th of July

July 05, 2021 Season 2 Episode 11
The Action Hour
Freedom on the 4th of July
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Freedom comes from inside.

Follow these 5 Steps so you can wake what's been hidden all of this time. 


This episode is real and raw. 

I feel like it's an important conversation to have as we move past the 4th of July.

I hope it pushes you to uncover your gifts and go get what you want before you run out of time. 

Buckle and enjoy the ride! 


Welcome to the action hour. My name is Jesse Simpson and I believe there's never been a better time in the history of the world to be alive. I'm on a mission to bring you the insights, ideas and inspiration, you need to uncover your greatness and take action on your dreams. If you want to start a business, write a book, take a big trip, or level up to a higher state of living in the world. mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially, the stories found in the show will provide the action steps and energy you need to succeed. No matter what you are going through, or where you've been, you can at any time, break that cycle and transform your life. This show is going to show you how to do it. If you've got the itch to act, now is the time allow the inspiring stories within this show to serve as your guide. This is the action hour, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Welcome back to the action hour, Jesse Simpson here, I hope life is amazing. wherever you're at. Today, I'm going to talk about freedom. As we pass through this fourth of July holiday, I hope it was amazing for you. I hope you with family and friends that you love. But I want to talk about this feeling this idea of freedom and what it means. And I want to offer about five steps that we can take to create real sustainable freedom in our life. Because I believe right now what's going on in the world is showing us that the freedoms they say we're given by living in the USA, they're really not the freedoms we are after, after all. Perhaps, we used to be free. The United States used to be free and yes, of course, we are more free than others. Some places that people can go out of their homes and feel safe. But why the fuck are we stooping down to that level? Why are we using the lowest common denominator as the the gauge of how free we are instead of actually leading the free world movement? I think this illusion of freedom coming from, from political puppets and media outlets, who are saying that as long as we are good little boys and girls, we get our checkups and our shots, and we do what we what they say. So they feed us just enough fake money to get by. It seems like a last ditch effort from a failed state. No, I don't know what the fuck is gonna happen with the USA. But I know that the life we live, the things we love. The freedoms we enjoy, can be taken away in a moment by people in positions of power who think they pull the strings. They get us to point our fingers at external problems, ie Coronavirus, ie another political party and those people outside of us, which leads to more fear in a further divide. When people are scared, we become like cattle, and they can control us. But I believe this all changes. Once we realize that freedom, no matter where we are in the world only comes from inside, down in the depths of our gut, way beyond the fears of our mind. And if we can come together with the people like us, who are finding that freedom deep inside, we can create a new world without fear, beyond fear, where all of our dreams become aligned. We can only be free. When we are free of body and mind. It doesn't matter what state we grew up in what country it doesn't matter where we are in the world. If we can break the cycle, the fears that run through our mind, we can actually become free. But the people in power want us to be victims. They want us to be controlled. They want us to be good little boys that do what they say so they can make some fucking money from us. And then we paint a red, white and blue flag on the wall and call it USA. That is not freedom. I believe that once we come alive, and we aligned to a purpose that is larger than ourselves, we can no longer we will no longer become a victim. There's an idea of a calling serving something larger than herself. Our founding fathers knew all about this. And I think we've gotten so far down the path away from that we've been led astray, except there's just a banner, again that we're waving and saying hey, it's USA. But I feel grateful. I feel confident. I know that there's awakening happening around the world where people are waking up to the freedom hidden inside. Because I know there's literally nothing we can be do or have. And I know that we are in control of where we take this ride. We are calling the shots. Not some puppets. Some political puppets or newscaster that is playing both sides. It's time to wake up. It's time to step up. We've got to stop living this lie. Now, there has been a lot of things coming up for me lately around this idea of freedom around this idea of what it means to be fully alive. And I feel like I'm waking something up deep inside of me. Something deep inside of me is waking up, I'm sick of suppressing this feeling this knowing in my gut, that something is off here. And I know that once we, the people start owning our power and working together, it's the puppets that will have to go run and hide. Now, I want to share some really grim statistics to kind of paint the picture of what I'm even talking about here. Because, you know, we can act like these problems aren't going on. And yeah, we're free, we can celebrate our freedoms and shoot fucking fireworks off and have barbecues. And I think that's amazing. That's what life is all about. But if we're not going to understand there's a reality a dark reality going on, where people are killing themselves at a rapid rate. People like you and I are overdosing on drugs prescribed to them by doctors that treat symptoms that have root cause illness and disease that we're being forced fed fear out of our TV on a daily basis. That is leading to extreme fear, outrage and unrest around the world. Just a few people are at the top of this puzzle, or controlling the masses, imprisoning the masses in their minds, and literally playing mind games. It's like a dog and pony show. We had a lot of dog and pony shows in the Marine Corps. We get all dressed up standing pretty formation, get our boots, all polished and shit. And then we go stand on formation for hours dripping in sweat. So some commanding officer could fly in a helicopter looked all pretty with the shiny brass and come and make sure we look good enough. As if we needed something outside of us to validate who we are. We were trained for war. And I've served beside men who fought and died in this name of freedom. I've served in combat, I've shot machine guns, other people. I know what it's like to experience death, to express express this anger, this frustration being projected onto other people. And I know what it's like to be free from that. And I also know what it's like to come back and feel completely abandoned in the land of the free a prisoner to my mind and my body. And I know I'm not the only one. In fact, there have been about 7000 service members who've been killed in the line of duty overseas. They've answered the call. They went overseas to some unknown land and never made it back. They sacrifice their life for freedom, just over 7000 since the start of this war on terror, in 2001. And we're actually approaching the 20 year anniversary of September 11. This year. Crazy. But in that same time period, there have been over 114,000 veterans who've committed suicide. I know what it's like to be on the on the on the verge of death, to be feeling that itch to pull the fucking trigger to end my own life, because I'm so miserable, because I'm a prisoner to my mind and body because I feel so disconnected and alone and afraid. By 2030 the total number of veteran suicides will be 23 times higher than the number of post 911 combat deaths excuse me combat deaths. Imagine that. Now, we're talking about freedom. We're celebrating freedom, but we're not recognizing the fact that the people who are fighting for freedom are coming back to our country and would rather die than try to live. something seems off something seems fishy. I heard a quote that it's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society. And I believe our society is sick. People around the world have lost connection to themselves others in the world at a at a disturbing rate. We are choosing to harm myself or others as a way of escaping our our burden of existence this feeling we have in our gut that life is going to be like this forever, we're destined to fail. Now, let's keep in mind that the United States has the highest rate of farm deaths, suicides and homicides, among all the world's 34 most advanced economies in 2020. The United States experience the deadliest year in its history. People are dying faster and stuffing more suffering more than ever before because of drugs. Depression of despair. Now we've been pigeon holed into our rooms in our houses. Luckily, I live in Florida, where we have been open and free. And keep in mind that COVID rates have not been much higher than other places that have been locked fucking down for over a year now. We got extreme rates of anxiety, depression, people are struggling in mental health, is problems are skyrocketing. And this all happened before the pandemic. Now amplify that by the isolation, the fear, the unknown, the uncertainty that's coming from a global pandemic, and you get a bunch of people who are forced into conforming to the powers the be that is not freedom. That is tyranny that is coming from an oppressive government who wants to control this people, instead of setting them free? We've got one in four adults who suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder every year. And how many people how many of you listening to this, how many people go undiagnosed, that are willing to ask for help? And how many of those people that actually asked for help or given medication as if it's some sort of, if it's, that's all it is, is just some imbalance, as if the chaos in the world the uncertainty and the lack of human connection isn't actually what's leading to the imbalance? There was an 18% increase nationwide of drug use and abuse since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US how many more of the top 10 are preventable, manageable illnesses and diseases that actually could be cleared out if we got to the root cause instead of just pumping medication, and fucking fear and bullshit on top of the problem. In 2019, there were 50,000 people who died by suicide. That's more than 130 per day. That same year, there was an estimated 1.38 million suicide attempts. As a firefighter, I've seen people hanging from the rafters, their own mother trying to lift them up to save their life. I've seen people who have shot themselves in the head, with the brains hanging out and their body doesn't know they're dead, so they're gasping for air. This guy in particular, his sister found him. Now these people get to carry the weight. That weight of the loss of their loved one for the rest of their life. We got solutions to these problems, from trauma, to clearing out illness and disease at the root level. But we have corporations in politics with financially rooted incentives that keep what we've got to save the world to heal the people to set us free. We got all these motherfuckers in our way. But they are so quick to blare on our face that if we question these powers that be that we are unpatriotic. And I think that is just the biggest fucking lie. mass shootings have increased. At the time of making this podcast. There have been 10 mass shootings in the United States. Each week during 2021. The shootings are happening at supermarkets, shopping malls at birthday parties. These are shootings that are happening in our schools. Our children now are scared to go to school out of fear that a troubled classmate, may walk down the halls with a gun. The US has had 1316 school shootings since 1970. And these numbers are increasing 80% of school shootings have taken place since a tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, December 2012. And elementary school, and I was in Colombia in March. And first I think what most people think about Colombia is that it's Netflix and Narcos, and they're gonna get kidnapped or murdered if they go there. And how funny is it that I've met the most amazing people in Colombia had the most incredible time. And while we were down there last March, there was in fact a shooting at a Colorado supermarket. Like let's wrap our heads around this stuff that is going on. Are we free? Or are we living under this illusion that we are free? I think the answer is clear. And I think it's time to wait Wake up. And I think it's the it's time to answer that feeling in your gut to tune in to pay attention. I got five steps to freedom, real, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. It has nothing to do with the powers that be has nothing to do with CNN, or Fox News or what political party we belong to. These are all just made up things to distract us from who we are and what we are capable of. Five steps. Step one, you got to answer the call. Step two, you got to commit to the process. Step three, you have to get clear. Step four, you take action. Step five, you reflect and adjust. Now I want to cover all five of these steps. And I want you to think about where you might be in this process of uncovering who you are, and what it means to be free for you. And I want to also paint the picture that the ticket into this framework for freedom, these five steps, is curiosity. It's a challenge, or it's a calling. You've got to get curious about that feeling in your gut the saying there has to be more to life than this. You've got to stop suppressing that calling, coming from deep inside of you that's calling you to the next level in your life. You've got to start to get curious. Are we really as free as they say? If so, why are so many so quick to just kill themselves for overdose, instead of living. so goddamn free here in the USA. There's something going on here that we have to tune in, we have to pay attention to yet we've been told for so long and shamed and suppress that those feelings that are coming from ourselves that we start to betray ourself. And the people who betray themselves can never be free. There'll be a victim of their body and mind to the programs to the powers that be. And that's just not what we stand for, at the action hour, I don't stand for that. And I think it's time to wake up to the fact that we are absolutely in control of what comes next for us. For you, you are in control of what comes next for you, for your family, for your loved ones, for the future of the free world. Because the future of the free world isn't made up of a bunch of people who are helpless victims that are controlled by other people who are in fact free. It's coming from a place of into individuals who recognize the power they have deep inside to become free to no longer count on something that's above them and perhaps a position of power for permission to be free. So step one, answer the call. You know what I'm talking about. Whether you want to take a big trip, write a book, travel the world, whether you just want to have a committed relationships full of unconditional love. The programs that you were giving are blocking your ability to do so. You've got to be willing to challenge these programs, answer the call. And step number two commit to the process. And I think this step number two commitment to the process comes even before we get clear on where we're going. Perhaps see some some of these might be interchangeable. But I believe we just have to understand that there's a feeling in our gut, we have to commit to uncovering what it means for us. Because everyone's path is different. commitment is a decision. You can go for 30 years of therapy, trying to clear out being a smoker. But it's not that 30 years of therapy, they get you to stop smoking. It's the moment of decision. It's the time you say I am going to be in charge of my life. And where I move forward from here. It's this people pleasing, caring about what others think, playing small, or suppressing that voice coming from deep inside that prevents you from committing to your path, your purpose, your potential. And I feel like it's this failure to commit this trying to people please is like a playing tug of war with your soul. Are you fully committed? Are you ready to own your power to create anything you want in this world? Are you ready to be free and feel fully alive? And if so, then you're there. This commitment is a decision to go out on faith to face these fears coming up to overcome any challenge in pursuit of the freedom you have for your life. So you must commit. You can't dance between two worlds playing small and feeling insecure or living a stable life. living out the effect of the world around us, you've got to commit and become the cause, and chart your own path and define what freedom means to you get clear on creating a future and what that means for you. Which is why we go in step number three, clarity, you've got to get clear on the future you want to move into, you've got to get clear on what future freedom means to you. financially, emotionally, spiritually, it all starts and ends with you. If we were given the skills, the skills, the abilities, the understanding, and the support to overcome our challenges, as a society, that most people wouldn't be choosing suicide. In fact, the places like Switzerland and Portugal that have embraced rehabilitation, and support in service of people who are addicted to things like opiates, they found a complete reversal, significant decrease in recidivism of these people who would rather numb out their pain instead of getting support for the pain that is fueling their addiction. I'm skilled in a process that eliminates PTSD. We can literally disconnect neurologically, the emotions from traumatic memories, it's not the memories that are the problems. It's the emotions, the triggers, the nightmares, the intrusive thoughts. That is, but when I talk to someone who I respect, and I love, who is the head of a opiate rehab facility, he helps me understand that this for profit business is not interested in finding root cause cures clearings that we can offer that are actually here, right here now, because that would hurt their bottom line, and they would no longer have repeat customers. I know one thing for sure is that we have the opportunity to live in a world beyond fear. Beyond addictions, we have an opportunity to move beyond PTSD and trauma will be on fear. Imagine that, I think what would replace that vacuum would be love, and opportunity, abundance and joy, freedom, real freedom. That's the life the world that I'm working towards. Whatever that means for you, you've got to get clear on what you want. You've got to cultivate the courage it takes to dream big, or the past is going to continue to repeat itself. And I believe that the more clear we can get, the more we can actually feel that future reality in our life right now. The more likely the quicker, it's going to be here now. Because we are in fact in control of our life. So if we can get clear on how we want to show up how we want to think, feel and be in the world, we can start to create that reality now. And stop waiting for the pandemic or whoever else to give us permission to do that which we love. So what is your goal? What's your dream? What's your aspiration? What's the world you are working towards? Let's get clear. And if we can work together, we can actually move beyond this world, full of fear, where people can troll us and tell us how we should live our life. And then we got to take action. Fear is a feeling. Courage is a choice, your destiny, this world we're talking about right here is a decision. Courage is not the absence of fear. It comes when we feel the fear, and we move forward in spite of it. We've got to take action to create this life instead of just being, instead of just waiting for the world to change. This is what it means to become the change. We get clear on what we want. After we've committed to this process of uncovering who we really are and what we're capable of. And we take action, we move forward. Action is the greatest adversary of adversity. When I realized as a 28 year old man, a firefighter of the year that I was having the same suicidal thoughts I had as a seventh grader. I realized that that was my destiny if I didn't take action. And in fact, that's when action oriented, and really, ultimately the action hour was born. We have to take action. In the Marine Corps, it didn't mean blindly going into gunfights as a firefighter. It didn't mean blindly going into fires. And then we got clear on the mission we had and we moved forward consciously while most people would run away, it doesn't mean we're blindly asking people to support us who have no interest in what we're trying to create. It just means we are aware of what's going on in the world around us, and really what's going on inside. And we're willing to lean into the fear that makes most people run and hide. Now, keep in mind this idea of taking action step number four, it does not mean you are perfect. In fact, you must take imperfect action before you are ready. Before all the fear subsides, you've got to demonstrate your courage to the world. So it sees you're willing to go after those feelings, those dreams you have hidden inside. Those things, those feelings, calling from deep in your gut are all calls to action. They're calls bringing you summoning you to the next level in your life, collectively, the world around us is going to continue to evolve and change. But if people like you, and I step up and own our power, we we lean into the discomfort, the uncertainty, we cultivate the courage we need to change transform our life, we can literally transform the world. Instead of waiting for some political party to come in and save us, some president, or whoever else, people are thinking that's gonna come save him, I don't, I don't, I don't get it. I don't get it. I think we've been asleep at the wheel way too long. And sometimes I get this feeling like I'm standing off to the side with a handful of others. I think hopefully you and I. And, you know, I'm just watching the the great country, the United States of America, just people being let off a cliff. After they've betrayed themselves and their dreams, and just completely sold their soul to the system. I don't think that's why we're here. And as long as we're willing to take action, and move forward, we can step into step number five, which is just to simply adjust our approach over time, we adjust our approach over time after taking imperfect action. And we're going to get exactly to where we are meant to be. And I've mentioned this before the cycle of conscious action, which is made up of four more steps, but it's so simple, we can do it every single day, every single time we work through our day we go into a meeting, we go into an event, whatever it is, we can apply this cycle of conscious action where we set a clear intention, it's the same as setting a vision, we take that imperfect action, and then we just reflect on the imperfect action we took. So we can adjust our approach for next time. We've got to come together and realize that we can't keep living asleep at the wheel. And taking this sort of unconscious action, running into the same wall, doing the same damn thing day after day. I say that, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. And as I've painted, hopefully, clearly, an earlier part of this episode, what we are doing and the result, that is with all the problems we're facing, we've got to take conscious action, set an intention of the world you want to move into take that imperfect action, and simply learn and grow and reflect along the way so we can adjust our approach over time. I think this is as simple as this needs to be. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you've been or what's going on in your world, or what sort of crazy fucking thoughts are going on in your mind or in the world around you, or whatever sort of stuff you're getting consumed with. If you can follow these five steps, I believe they will lead to your freedom, freedom of body and mind, freedom so that you feel safe enough to make your soul come alive. Because you're not here to play small or conform or just shut up the voice, that screaming at you from inside. You're here to be free, and to feel fully alive. And I think that is the dream that I have coming out of me from deep inside. I think the world is changing so quickly, that it's important to buckle up and enjoy this ride because we're all being called to the next level in our life. We've got to stand up. We've got to stop suppressing our gifts and who we are. We've got to rise up to our full potential. Because that is the meaning of life to create freedom wherever you are, and rise up the people that surround you instead of being burdened and weighed down by the things we can't control Now I think that's all I have to say about this. And I I know it was a heavy episode. But I think it's important that we bring these things up, this is what's coming up for me, and it's fucking driving me. And I just know that how low we can feel. I know what it's like to see death, to want to be dead myself, to hate myself in my life so much that I have to be high or drunk to function. But I know also, what it feels like to open up my gifts and share them with the world. And I know what it feels like to be fully alive. And that's a gift I want all of you to have. So you've got to tune in to the feelings that are coming from inside. You've got to answer the call. You've got to commit to the process. Get clear on what you want. Take imperfect action into the cycle of conscious action where you reflecting and adjusting your approach over time. That's all I got for you today. Ladies and gentlemen. I would love to hear from you@action_jesse on Instagram. Tell me what sticks. Tell me if anybody's listening to this. What do you need right now to transform your life? What does freedom mean to you? When is it going to be time for you to feel fully alive? I love you. Thanks for listening. This is the action hour. Have an amazing day. I'll seeyou in the next episode.