The Action Hour

How Freedom Feels

June 28, 2021 Season 2 Episode 9
The Action Hour
How Freedom Feels
Show Notes

I’ve recently had the most profound moments of clarity, direction and purpose.

Like everything in life makes sense. 

Like all the sh*t was worth it.

Like there was a higher purpose for it all. 

There was a reason for the suffering because it led to a life beyond my wildest dreams. 

I am so grateful. 

And I know there’s something bubbling up from deep inside your gut. 

A feeling deep down that there has to be more to life than this. 

3 years after I left that life behind allow me to reassure you that there is. 

You’ve just got to be willing to go for it. 

You will be supported no matter how big the dream is that you chase. 

Everything is happening just as it should. 

Choose to move forward with courage, love and grace. 

The world needs us to rise, to look fear right in the face. 

This is how freedom feels.

It’s got the sweetest taste. 

Now matter who you are or where you’ve been it is never too late. 

You’ve just got to be willing to step up here and now, the world will not wait. 

This episode is a reflection of my journey to now and a challenge to you. 

It’s a call to action. 

Now is the time!