The Action Hour

Becoming a Man

April 11, 2022 Jesse Simpson Season 3 Episode 13
The Action Hour
Becoming a Man
Show Notes

I'm taking ownership of my personal power, my purpose and really focusing on being present. 

I feel like I am stepping authentically into my definition of what it means to be a man. 

All of this on the backside of breakthrough conversation with my Dad. 

Every boy needs love and attention from a masculine figure.

Without it little boys grow up stunted.

The demasculinization of men in the modern world and prevalence of single moms is, I believe, a destabilizing force in our society. 

Men, it's time to step up. 

After years of carrying anger and resentment towards my father, I have been able to rebuild our relationship. 

This episode I detail how I did it. 

I hope it serves you well and can support you as you step into the next level of leadership for your family and community. 

We need you here now.