The Action Hour

Own Nothing. Be Happy.

April 04, 2022 Jesse Simpson Season 3 Episode 11
The Action Hour
Own Nothing. Be Happy.
Show Notes

Own nothing. Be happy.

That's the promise for the year 2030 and it's a clear and present danger to the foundation of our democracy.

The Agenda is clear, so is the means of getting us there.

Tear down the world we're living in so it can be rebuilt by a billionaire class that wants total power and control of every area of your life.

We've got a bumpy road ahead folks.

Every single one of us will be affected.

It is an imperative for you to start to trust those intuitive hits that have been poking you the last couple of years trying to get you to pay closer attention.

The time is Now.

We must come together and find alternative ways of functioning in this world or our freedom will go to waste.

If you're alive right now it's for a reason.

Your soul chose this life during this time for a definite purpose.

Your purpose is just waiting to push out so you can step fully into who you were born to be.
So you can stand out as a leader for your sake and for your families.

This is the greatest opportunity.

Will you answer the call or just wait until you're wasting away, owning nothing and being happy?

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