The Action Hour

Calling Forward the Collective

March 07, 2022 Jesse Simpson Season 3 Episode 9
The Action Hour
Calling Forward the Collective
Show Notes

I am calling forward the Collective to lay the Groundwork for Humans in Harmony.

A network for the people by the people so we no longer rely on outdated systems and perceptions put in place to hold us back.
The vision is to build a community, separate from and sustainable without the systems currently set in place.
A template for the world where humans learn to live in harmony with themself, each other and the world around us.
This is already happening with more and more sustainable and conscious communities popping all over the world.

It has been done for hundreds of years by indigenous people from all over the world.
Now it's time we come together as One Unified Front.
A front that stands for freedom.

Because freedom is life and life is love.

Together, let's secure for ourselves and for future generations a world filled with the peace, love and harmony that we already are.
I'm calling forward the collective to lay the Ground work for Humans in Harmony and I need your help.

Tune in.
Spread the world.

Message me on Instagram @action_jesse and join us in the fight for lives.