The Action Hour

The Future of the Free World

February 28, 2022 Jesse Simpson Season 3 Episode 7
The Action Hour
The Future of the Free World
Show Notes

The future of the free world is built on community, crypto and consciousness. 

This is the new world we are moving into now. ⁣

What's most important during this transition is that we find and build relationships with likeminded people.

We contribute in meaningful ways to a community of others who want the same.⁣

We’ll need each other in the new world more than ever. 

It’s time to invest in cryptocurrencies that will replace the failing financial system. ⁣

These are not fads. 

They are literally the future of finance. Get in now before it’s too late.  ⁣

Finally, Consciousness.⁣

We are living through a global spiritual awakening.

We are spiritual beings living in a universe made of energy. ⁣

We are a part of an infinite intelligence that permeates through all things. 

We are just now remembering this fact.

The old systems are failing but what will replace them is beyond our wildest dreams.

 ⁣We can be a part of creating this new world or cling to the old systems falling apart at the seams. ⁣

These 3 C’s are what I believe will be needed in this new world and we’ll be better off if we work together in teams. 💥

I’m grateful for the gift of being alive during the time and hope you’ll join us on the other side. ⁣

Join me in the fight for our lives!