The Action Hour

Hold the Line

February 21, 2022 Jesse Simpson Season 3 Episode 5
The Action Hour
Hold the Line
Show Notes

As an illegitimate world government continues to use fear to disconnect, divide and deceive us we are all being called to decide where we draw the line.

We must decide if we will continue to let the lies perpetuated by paid off politicians and mainstream media push us into a state of confusion and panic, where we are easier to control..

Or if we will come together as One Human Family born to be Free and Feel Fully Alive.
I know where I Stand.

My ask is that all Freedom Fighters - regardless of color, background, and belief - come together fueled by a desire to create Peace, Love and Harmony for all of Humanity.

We must police each other and protest in lawful ways so that our movement for freedom is not overshadowed by violence or destruction.

Come together. Hold the line. Stand as One.

Join us in the fight for our lives.

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